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                When you use The Illuminator Wholesaler Website, you are choosing the best light shopping experience. Here's why.

                • Highest quality lights on the market in all aspects
                • Expedited shipping and competitive rates
                • Unbeatable customer support and most efficient ordering process


                Connecting your lights to wifi will allow you to remotely control them from anywhere.

                Energy Efficient

                At Illuminator Wholesaler, we only use lights that are approved and proven to use less energy.

                Easy Control

                When you are connected to our app, you can operate your lights from your mobile device.

                Simple Setup

                If for any reason there are issues with your lights, our support team is available 24/7.Simple Setup

                Superior Design

                Our shipping team is extremely thoughtful when sending your lights.

                Highly Compatible

                Other than wifi, bluetooth is a way to connect to your lights from anywhere on earth.

                Exceptional outdoor lights at affordable, wholesale prices.

                Featured Path Light.
                The Bollard Light.

                • Energy efficiency indicators 
                • Connected devices indicators
                • Sleek aluminum surface
                • Colorful customizable exterior

                Modern Designs.

                Illuminator Wholesaler provides the newest technology in lighting, but we always stay true to our core values since our establishment in 1996.

                Our Mission



                Illuminator Wholesaler is the top provider for all outdoor lights including commercial and residential. Contractors from all over the world choose us when they need quality lights quick.


                As one of the most respected and renown illumination providers, Illuminator Wholesaler is constantly being featured in a variety of magazines, articles, and television programs.

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